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Photography & Visualization

From pre-flight planning to post-production and data processing, SES provides efficient, professional service.

Real Estate Photography and Video

Adding aerial photography and video to your listing enriches the customer experience with a more complete view of the property and its surroundings. Statistics show listings using aerial images sell 68% faster, and sellers are 73% more likely to hire an agent that uses video to market their property.

360 degree Virtual Reality

Combined with aerial photography, add interactivity by exploring expansive or complex environments, like shopping malls.

Ground-based Photography

Non-aerial exterior photography presents real estate from the customers' viewpoint.


Interior Photography and Video

In addition to exteriors, our capabilities include interior photography and video with studio lighting and glidecam.
Photo retouching/enhancement and video editing are also available.

Unlit Room

Room with existing lighting

Lit Room

Room with additional lighting sources


Aerial photography is advantageous for accessing hard-to-reach locations, accurate non-contact measurements, and detailed condition history. SES inspection solutions are scalable and versatile.

Inspecting hard-to-reach areas

Small unmanned aerial systems can access areas that are dangerous or expensive for a human to reach.
SES offers still photography and/or video, as well as advanced imagery products, such as panoramas, time-lapse, and orthographic projections.
Aerial photography can be performed on a schedule to maintain situational awareness throughout a project life cycle.

Solar Field

Quickly inspect large areas.

Visually review towers and tall structures.

Construction Site

Monitor construction progress and materials use.

Property Assessment

Assess the condition of a property in detail.

Delineating living vegetation - NDVI

Using a camera that is sensitive to near-infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum,
sites can be assessed for crop health and wetland boundaries.

Visible Spectrum View

Visible Spectrum View

NDVI Image

NDVI image

3D Visualization and Measurement

SES can produce orthophotomosaics, 3D point clouds, and textured meshes for visualization or measurement applications.

Digital Terrain

Fly through videos

3D Point Cloud

Point Cloud

3D Mesh

Textured Mesh