Photogrammetry Image Quality Evaluator

This software tool analyzes geotagged image collections in seconds, identifying the most common issues in photogrammetry reconstruction.

PIQuE offers an easy to understand summary of mapping quality metrics, including image coverage, ground sample distance consistency, image feature density, and exposure. Quickly identify areas that may affect point cloud completeness and accuracy.

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Overlap Rank

Processed Results - Examples

Image location overlay on Google Map


Image altitude 3D Plot


Image Overlap at 3 or 9 levels


data on-site




key metrics

Get PIQuE for your PC

PIQuE is written in Java and compiled for Windows PCs.

Basic plotting features in PIQuE are free, and do not require a license.
Mapping and image quality calculations require a license.
PIQuE uses a node-locked license: A separate license is required for each computer it is installed on.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Download and install PIQuE (install GNUPlot, then unzip PIQuE to a folder of your choice)
  2. Run PIQuE (double click START_PIQuE.bat), and note the serial number, which is unique to your PC.
  3. Request a trial or purchase a license. Make sure to include your S/N: it is required to create a license file
  4. SES will send you a license file. Copy this file into your installation directory and full functionalilty will be unlocked!

Get the PIQuE app, GnuPlot app (required), and user manual.

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First download, install, and run PIQuE.
Copy your serial number from the Status Window at the bottom of the interface. Paste that number below.

Serial number:

Demo Requests and Software Purchases will be processed within 24 hours.

PIQuE FAQ and Support